Lisa Hanna Resigns as Treasurer of People’s National Party

Lisa Hanna, senior member of Jamaica’s opposition, People’s National Party (PNP) and the member of parliament for South East St. Ann, has resigned from her post as PNP Treasurer.

Hanna indicated her decision to resign as Treasurer following her loss to opposition finance minister Mark Golding in the party’s presidential election on November 7.

According to new reports, her leave of the position on the PNP Executive is to give the party’s new leadership a free hand to choose personnel for key positions.

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Following her election defeat, Hanna said that she was ready to work with Golding to rebuild the fractious Opposition party. However, eyebrows were raised when she was notably missing from Golding’s swearing-in ceremony. She stated that her absence was because of an illness.

Other posts that will also be made available in the PNP Executive are the General Secretary and Chairman of the party. Current General Secretary Julian Robinson said that the posts will be filled during the first Executive meeting following a meeting of the party’s National Executive Council, NEC on November 29.

Dr. Angela Brown Burke is being considered as the front runner to succeed Fitz Jackson as PNP Chairman. While Dr. Dayton Campbell is the front runner for General Secretary.

Both Jackson and Robinson indicated their intention to step down a few weeks ago after the PNP’s heavy 49 to 14 seat defeat to the JLP.

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