Laparkan recognized for their strong community principals

Laparkan recognized for their strong community principals

Sponsor representatives of the CASA youth classic, Juanita Phillips and her husband, had the privilege of walking onto the field to shake the hands of the players before the match started, on behalf of Laparkan (LPK) Shipping. They were able to stand with the players while the national anthems were played and pass out awards to the team that came in second place. LPK banners were seen clearly displayed throughout the field fences reminding all of the amazing service and shipping provided by the company.

LPK has a long history of giving back to the community including the post hurricane Matthew collections for those in Haiti who lost most of the important factors for a steady livelihood, back to school drives hosted in collaboration with WAVS radio 1170 for both Haitians and Jamaicans that was recognized by the Greater Caribbean American Cultural Coalition on Saturday night where Phillips was honored with an award.

LPK will continue to use every opportunity to promote the established company “not for awards or rewards, but to be good corporate citizens” said Phillips. “I want to thank our management team that actually recognizes this and for allowing me the opportunity to continue the tradition of giving back to the community started by our founders. I am honored and humbled to continue represent Laparkan and its values.”

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