Jamaican-American Gail Dunwell, Close Associate of Ruel Reid, Arrested in CMU Saga

In the latest update in the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) sage involving Jamaica’s former Minister of Education Ruel Reid, a close associate of the Minister, Gail Dunwell was arrested earlier this week.

Dunwell is a former Donor Consultant at the former Ruel Reid-led Education Ministry.

The Jamaican, who is also a United States citizen, was taken into custody on Tuesday night when she arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport, NMIA in Kingston. She was kept in custody overnight at the Bridgeport Police Station in St. Catherine.

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Dunwell was detained in connection with the multi-million dollar fraud investigation which in March last year resulted in the former Education Minister and ex-CMU President, Fritz Pinnock, being arrested and charged in October last year.

For over a year she was wanted by the Police for questioning in connection with the probe into Reid and Pinnock. However, investigators reportedly had difficulty having Ms. Dunwell return to Jamaica because she was based overseas.

Mrs. Dunwell was released after a question and answer session which took place in the presence of her Attorneys, Tom Tavares-Finson QC and Donahue Martin.

The former Consultant was reportedly quizzed about financial arrangements allegedly entered into by Reid, his helper and CMU.

Prior to her release today, Mrs. Dunwell’s lawyers had began to file a habeas corpus application seeking her release.

The CMU fraud investigation had last year resulted in Reid being fired from the Cabinet, seven months before he was arrested by the Police and multiple fraud charges laid on him.

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