Jamaica Diaspora 20 under 40: Letoya Boyne: The Visionary

The Visionary

Thirty-two year old LeToya Boyne (Stairs), born in New York to Jamaican Americans, is proud of being a Jamaican-American. The Lauderdale Lakes resident is a Marketing Communications Consultant, and owner of Carnival Stockings and Carnival Pop Up Shop in Miami.

LeToya graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Communications and Media Studies, and an MS in Commications, Advertising/Public Relations from Florida International University. Her master’s thesis was focused on the Jamaican Diaspora.

She is very interested in the positive relationships between the Diaspora and Jamaica. In 2013, she participated in the Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Montego Bay. She says that she loves the eclectic Jamaican culture which has transformed her to be a “devoted cultural enthusiast.”

Following her graduation from FIU, and while facilitating Publix’s marketing presence at the Oprah Live the Life You Want tour in Miami, she met the iconic communicator Oprah Winfrey; one of the persons who inspires her most.  Another memorable moment in her career came when she opened her businesses out of her love for Carnival. In 2014 she began CarnvalStockings.com, and in 2015 Carnival Pop Up Shop Miami.

Although she has worked with Fortune 100 organizations implementing interesting projects “and influencing business partnerships galore, most importantly I am proud of my own business launches.”

Completing four internships prior to completing her undergraduate degree helped her decide on a marketing career. “I have always been curious about the very interesting differences and similarities in people and how that impacts our ability to communicate with one another.

She advises youth in the Diaspora “to spend time early exposing and exploring who you are. Nowadays for many professions you definitely don’t need a traditional (and expensive) degree to learn new skills or create business opportunities. Use your resources and think big, early! Believe you are chosen and deserve great things and don’t be fearful of perusing them.”

LeToya has been definitely inspired by her Jamaican heritage. She sums up her love and pride of her heritage , simply: “Life’s too short not to be Jamaican”.




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