Guyana and Venezuela restore ambassadors despite border dispute

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (centre) brings together Guyana's president David Granger. (Barbadostoday photo)

Guyana and Venezuela has agreed to restore their respective ambassadors despite a continuing border dispute.

Guyanese president David Granger and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met in New York ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, in a session mediated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

President Granger thanked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for mediating at the meeting, which he said “afforded both sides the opportunity to explain their individual positions.”

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Tensions between the two neighbors rose this year when Venezuela demanded that Guyana stop oil exploration in the disputed Essequibo river area. It centers on the mineral-rich region west of the Essequibo river, which accounts for about 40% of Guyana’s territory.



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