An escovitch fish recipe for a Caribbean Easter

escoveitched fish recipe

An Escovitch Fish Recipe for Easter

Easter is the perfect time to test your culinary skills with this escovitch fish recipe. “Escovitch” is a Jamaican variation of Ceviche. It is a process of cooking whereby fish is usually fried and then doused liberally with a pickling sauce made from vinegar, pimento, onions, pepper and carrots. It has been a staple Jamaican Easter dish, along with fired sprats, sorrel and of course bun and cheese. This escovitch fish recipe will have you and your guests pining for more.

In this dish, you can use a filet of snapper or a light white fish. The marinade only needs to be as spicy as you would like it at home.

Preparation Time: 10 – 15 Minutes

Cook Time – 20 Minutes


• 2 lbs  whole or sliced fish
• ½ cup cooking oil
• 4 tbls fish seasoning
• 2 tsp black pepper
• 1 tsp salt
• 3 cloves garlic
• 2 whole lime or lemon or ¼ cup vinegar

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• Clean fish and wash with lime / lemon juice or vinegar
• Put fish to drain on paper towel and make a diagonal cut on each side of the fish.
• Combine fish seasoning, salt and black pepper in a small dish
• Place oil in frying pan to heat.
• Crush the garlic and place in the frying pan, while the oil is being heating.
• While oil is being heated, rub seasoning in the fish cavity, and on the outside, make sure to season thoroughly.
• Ensure that the oil in the frying pan is very hot
• Place 2 fish at a time in the preheated oil
• Fry until each side of the fish is golden brown
• Place each fried fish in dish that can be covered

escovitch fish recipe vinegar sauce
Vinegar sauce for your escovitch fish recipe


• 3 tbsp oil from the pan that fish was fried in
• 2 cups white or cider vinegar
• 3 medium sized carrots, julienned
• 2 large onions cut in rings
• 3 scotch bonnet or hot pepper cut in rings
• 6 pimento berries 

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• Combine oil, vinegar, carrot, onion, pepper and pimento in sauce pan
• Cook carrot and onion until tender
• Pour sauce while hot onto fish
• Cover dish and marinate for 2 hours

Add slices of pepper, onion, and carrots to add additional garnishing. Now serve fish with your favorite side dish, and enjoy. This would be an escovitch fish recipe to remember.


Are you a visual learner? Check out this video below as an Escovitch Fish recipe guide. Bon Appetit!



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