EDITORIAL: Women! Don’t be marginalized

Women don't be marginalized

If women really want to be on equal par as men they must try to organize themselves to overcome the issues that afflict them

Equality for women

From a modern perspective it’s becoming a growing concern that women continue to be marginalized despite attempts in recent years to focus on women issues and to liberalize the female gender.

However, besides recent news of sexual harassment of women in the workplace, there are several other issues that keeps demeaning women, placing them in a distinct disadvantage in society.

Women continue to be the primary victims of domestic abuse; not paid on the same equation as men; impregnated and abandoned by their men; taken by granted as the domestic head of household – the children keeper, cook, washer and cleaner; and despite their many achievements and accomplishment internationally they are still perceived as the weaker of the two genders.

This is bigotry

The negative manner in which women are treated in several circumstances, can be interpreted as bigotry not unlike the bigotry of one race against another.

A closer study of the perpetual bigotry against, and the plight of, women, may be found rooted in several religions. Most religions portray women as the dominated gender. The male is portrayed as the more dominant gender, and natural leader of the family, and society.

In historical religiosities women were not allowed to speak, nor given the opportunity to express their views in the church or among their menfolk. In society, they had to be fully covered; couldn’t vote, seek political office, and so on.

Transition isn’t complete

Of course, the western world has in some instances transited from what is now interpreted as archaic believes. But, this transition isn’t complete. There are still relatively few women leaders in traditional Christian churches; it’s exceptional for a woman to lead her country politically. When this occurs, her  electoral success is heralded as particularly historical. Here in the US, even after 241 years of independence, there has never been a female president of vice president.

Continue to be marginalized

Women continue to be marginalized and placed into secondary situations, despite having the unique power of giving birth. As mothers, women continue to replenish the world. If women have this awesome, unique power why are they continuously marginalized?

Perhaps a more profound question is why some women continue to allow themselves to be marginalized? It’s ironic that when one analyses the data related to college and high school graduates, it’s found that women consistently outdo men. Here in the US the drop-out rate of men from colleges is consistently higher than women.

If women have strong intellectually capabilities, why do the overwhelming majority, despite the advocacy of feminist organizations, sit complacently, seemingly helpless, dominated by men? Why do some women fear if they challenge the male dominance of their environment they will be ostracized? Instead of taking the reins of leadership, there is this tendency for women to defer their burning issues to men to find solutions. Women, generally, tend to wait for men to invite them to the table to share power rather than seeking to advance to share this power on their own accord.

Mostly silence

Pertaining to the serious issue of sexual harassment of women at the workplace, there are instances, including in America’s movie industry, where women have been harassed for years. But for all these years there was mostly silence. Then when recently a courageous woman decided to expose her own harassment, a plethora of women who endured this harassment without previous complaint, are suddenly finding their own voice.

If women are to be truly liberated; if they are to effectively penetrate a male dominated world, they not only have to be more courageous, but more courageous consistently.

Too many women continue living in fear of male dominance. As a result, there’s no real organized, structured approach to deal with the issues that hinder women, placing some in the role of victims in several circumstances.

If only a few women, have the courage to stand up and address these issues periodically, women generally, will not effectively overcome male dominance either in the home, workplace, or general society.

Men respect strong women

Women should be aware there are men who welcome, and genuinely respect, women who challenge them mentally and their dominance in several aspects of the society.  Most men don’t respect women who allow themselves to be dominated, and portray weakness when situations get testy.

The issues that beset women can’t be left to men to solve or correct. Women can fulfil their natural role as mothers, wives, and comforters, while mutually sharing leadership with men in the home and society.  In most situations women have the same rights as men. More women need to aware of these rights and refuse to be marginalized.


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