Easter Feature: Easter in Jamaica and featured recipes

Easter Feature
Photo: Grace Foods

Here are three featured pieces about celebrating the Easter season in Jamaica, its spiritual meaning and how families have used cuisine to maintain traditions.

Easter & growing up in Jamaica

Although a holiday, in our home and for most Jamaicans in the 50s, it was a holy-day, where we would fast from sunrise to sunset; allowed to only drink sugar and water, attend church and read the Bible.

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True meaning of Easter missing on some youth

Typing the word ‘Easter’ in Google, images results in a plethora of pictures of happy bunny rabbits and colorful eggs. Is Easter, to this generation, more about Jesus or about fluffy stuffed animals and egg hunts?

Easter recipes: Bun, Jerk pork and Easter eggs

For Jamaicans, and other Caribbean folks, Easter isn’t Easter without the traditional Easter Bun and cheese.



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