Dominica launches new anti-crime software

Dominica has launched a new initiative that will allow people to submit reports of persons or businesses engaged in suspicious activities.

Information, Science and Telecommunications Minister Kelvar Darroux said ‘all communication between the user and the website is encrypted and protected by a SSL certificate”.

The Suspicion Transaction Report (STRs) application or ‘Dominica-FSU e-Filing System’ (DEFS) was launched at the Police headquarters earlier this week by the Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security.

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The online application eliminates the need for paper filing and provides a greater level of security and privacy for an individual filing a suspicion transaction report. The website can be accessed by typing this link www.fiu.gov.dm in your web browser.

“By clicking the appropriate link of the website, authorized users can access the STR application,” said  Darroux noting that additional information linked to the person or company, such as addresses, accounts, identification, and telephone information can also be submitted as part of the STR.

“As the demand for smart phones and talent increases, it is important to exhibit the talents of our young people who are innovators and entrepreneurs,” he said of those behind the new software.

“It shows that we have a wealth of talent in Dominica and it is good that our youth are using their talents, not just to develop the ICT sector, but Dominica as a whole,” he said.

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