Digicel International Launches Donation Platform to Assist Relief Efforts in Haiti

digicel international

Digicel International, a platform that shortens the distance between the Diaspora communities and their loved ones back home, and the Digicel Foundation, have partnered to enable the donation platform donations.digicelinternational.com to collect funds to support families in Haiti after the devastating earthquake and impactful tropical storm.

Additionally to collecting money, Digicel International will match donations up to a total of $10,000USD to further strengthen the support of those affected. The initiative comes as a response from Digicel International to provide immediate relief to the people in the South of Haiti.

“Digicel International is a bridge between the Haitian Diaspora and their family and friends back home. When tragic events like this happen, we want to provide direct support to the families in need and give the Haitian Diaspora a trusted channel to participate and stay connected with their loved ones. This unfortunate event affects a community that is close to our hearts, so we want to help provide immediate relief to those that needed it most”, said Christophe Justens, General Manager, Digicel International.

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When visiting the website donations.digicelinternational.com people will be able to choose from three non-profits to aid people affected in Haiti:

  • Hope for Haiti, an organization that works within 24 communities in the south of Haiti to improve quality of life, particularly for children.
  • Health Equity International, which is dedicated to providing essential health services to the people of southern Haiti, especially the most vulnerable.
  • Fokal, a foundation that promotes the structures necessary for establishing a democratic, just and united society, helping to raise funds for smallholder farmers associations, grassroots women’s organizations and local ethical small businesses, among others.

Donations.digicelinternational.com will be available for as long as necessary so that the most amount of help can reach those in need in Haiti.

At the same time, Digicel International is providing 5 times more credit plus 5GB to any customer that sends any amount of Top Up to a Digicel number in Haiti until the month of August.



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