Commissioner Jordan backs assault weapons ban

Resolution to ban assault weapons

The Miami-Dade County Commission on Feb. 21 unanimously approved a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Barbara Jordan urging Congress to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban, and urging the Florida Legislature to impose a state ban on assault weapons or lift the preemption on local governments’ regulation of assault weapons to allow local governments to impose an assault weapons ban. The resolution, which passed by a 9-0 vote, also asks for more background checks, imposing a waiting period for purchases, and raising the age restriction to 21 for gun ownership.

“The recent tragedy in Parkland has put this issue back in the spotlight, but I’ve been sponsoring legislation to address this crisis in our community almost every year. We need to lift the restrictions that limit us and ban these assault weapons from Miami-Dade County,” Commissioner Jordan said.

School Resource Officers program proposed


Meanwhile, the Miami City Commission passed with a unanimous 5-0 vote, legislation introduced by Commissioner Manolo Reyes, for a School Resource Officers Program that places sworn City of Miami Police officers at all city wide Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

City Manager Emilio Gonzalez will prepare a report to determine the economic impact as well as an implementation plan and any recommendations working alongside Miami-Dade Public Schools to present to the City Commission at the March 8th commission meeting.

“As a father, grandfather, and a public school teacher I personally understand that school safety is and should be our outmost first priority as a public servant,” said Commissioner Reyes.


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