Belize Seeks Hurricane Eta Relief

In light of the huge destruction as a consequence of Hurricane Eta and possibly Hurricane Iota following in its path, the Inter-American Development Bank has agreed to match every dollar up to US$ 50,000 for Central America’s ‘We Are with You’ Campaign.

Belize is among the affected countries and every cent collected for Belize will go towards helping residents of the country.

Hurricane Eta began to impact Belize on Monday, November 2nd. Belize experienced an extraordinary amount of rainfall over a period of five days.

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The result of the rain was flooding throughout the majority of the country where five of the six districts experienced major flooding. The water got so high that transmission lines that normally have a 30-foot clearance were breached, temporarily cutting off electricity to the entire West and Central areas of Belize.

Additionally, water pumps that are located 25-feet above ground were also breached, cutting many areas off from clean water supply.

Belize has experienced extensive damage to its road and transportation infrastructure. The preliminary reports stated that the majority of the roads have been damaged due to flooding in areas that have never experienced flooding before. Numerous bridges were submerged, cutting communities off from the rest of the country.

It is estimated that more than 15 percent of Belize’s population has already been affected by the flooding so far. The areas most hard hit are the most productive agricultural areas of Belize.

Assistance and donations can be given here.

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