BCPS Superintendent Says Schooling Will Likely be Online for the Start of 2020/21 School Year

broward robert runcie

Broward County Public Schools likely will reopen on August 19 with virtual classes only, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in the state.

This barring a dramatic decline in COVID-19 infections, within the next month.

On Sunday, Florida recorded the highest one-day total in the country,
with over 15,000 new COVID-19 cases. And over the 24-hour period from Monday, 132 new COVID-19 deaths were confirmed, the highest death record in the state so far.

Broward Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said that if conditions do not improve, students will return to schools online on August 19. “[E-learing] is the only way we can educate our students while keeping them and their teachers healthy and safe,” he said.

“If conditions do not improve and continue to worsen, that is the only way we can educate our students while keeping them and our teachers healthy and safe,” Runcie told the School Board on Tuesday. “When conditions improve, … additional options will be introduced.”

That includes full-time or part-time on campus as well as hybrid models that combine on-campus and virtual learning.

Miami-Dade officials have also said that if the county is still under phase two reopening in August, students will also do the same on August 21.


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