Florida Breaks National COVID-19 Record With Over 15,000 New Cases

Florida has broken New York’s one-day COVID-19 record of 12,274 cases, reporting 15,300 new coronavirus cases on Sunday.

The tally sets a new one-day record in the United States.

An additional 45 new deaths were reported on Sunday morning, bring the total deaths in the state to 4,346.

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On Thursday, Florida reported 120 COVID-19 deaths, the highest daily death toll since the virus hit the state in March. Florida has confirmed at least 18,023 coronavirus-related hospitalizations since March.

Florida now has a total of 269,811 cases, according to the Florida Health Department, only falling behind New York, with 426,000, and California, with 320,000.

While South Florida still remains ground-zero in the state, the three South Florida counties also reported record highs on Sunday. According to Local10, Miami-Dade County’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 3,576 to 64,444. The county has 1,139 coronavirus-related deaths, the highest total in the state.

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Broward’s cases increased by 1,772 to 30,025. The county’s death toll is now at 464.

Palm Beach County’s cases increased by 1,171 to 21,018, with the death toll now at 606.

In these counties, health safety measures have increased with Miami-Dade shutting down several venues and Broward County reimposing the mask order and limiting restaurant hours.

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