Barbados government to launch “Vision 2020: We Gatherin”

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados,  CMC – The Barbados government says it will launch its much heralded “Vision 2020: We Gatherin,’ on Friday.

12-month global celebration

“’Vision 2020: We Gatherin’ is a 12-month global celebration of Barbadian excellence and a recommitment to this country’s successful future and core values that have defined us as a people. 2020 has been designated as the year for Barbadians and those who love this country to come home, reconnect with family and friends, and invest in the rebuilding and development of Barbados,” according to an official government statement here.

“Purposeful Pursuit of Barbadian Excellence

It said that the year-long celebrations will be held under the theme “Purposeful Pursuit of Barbadian Excellence,” and is designed to reinforce government’s mantra of building the best Barbados together.

The statement said that “Vision 2020: We Gatherin,’ will comprise structured events at the national level, which will be coordinated by government with input from its social partners.

“However, community groups, churches, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and regional and international persons with Barbadian connections, among others, will be encouraged to produce other events.

“The initiative will begin in the north of the island in January 2020, and move southward every month, allowing each designated parish to showcase its icons, social life and the food for which it is renowned,” the statement said, adding that the parish celebrations will culminate in St. Michael in November, and Vision 2020: We Gatherin’ will climax in December with a Christmas extravaganza for all Barbadians.


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