Palm Beach Gardens teacher removed after negative comment to Haitian student

A Palm Beach Gardens High School teacher has been removed from the classroom, pending an investigation into an interaction with a Haitian student, in which the teacher refers to the country as “some third-world island country.”

A video of the incident was posted on the Facebook page of the student’s family and has received tens of thousands of views.

In the video, the teacher says to the student: “It’s called a door, let me show you how it works,” the teacher said. “I don’t know how it works where you’re from, down in some third-world island country, where they don’t got them. Let me show you what it’s like in America.”

The family of the student said they first went to the school to address the issue but when no action was taken, they posted the video online. Late last week, Palm Beach Gardens High parents got this call from the principal that called the verbal interaction “potentially inappropriate” and said “the matter is being addressed by professional standards at this time.”


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