CBU thanks international partners for assistance following storms

Caribbean Broadcasting Union

The Barbados-based Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) has thanked its international partners for providing equipment and other assistance to member countries whose radio stations had been damaged by the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria last September.

In a statement, the CBU said that despite suffering major damage and staff dislocation, Radio Anguilla, Radio Turks and Caicos and the Dominica Broadcasting Service (DBS) kept transmitting during and after the devastation, fulfilling their mandate as public service broadcasters to provide life-saving information during emergencies.

The CBU said that following the passage of the category 5 storms it received reports of wrecked transmitters, unusable studios and uninhabitable offices.

“The reports of the damage and loss suffered spurred a CBU appeal to sister broadcasters via the Union’s international partners, the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) and the Public Media Alliance (PMA).”

The CBU said that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) a member of the WBU, opened its warehouses to CBU members Radio Anguilla and Radio Turks and Caicos, to ensure vital information about relief and recovery efforts could continue reaching the populations served before the hurricanes brought transmitters crashing down.

The CBU said three radio services have been supplied with FM and 150w exciters as well as FM transmitters, and are in the process of installing the crucial equipment.

“The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) responded with a replacement antenna for RadioAnguilla, and even sent St. Lucia-based technician, Thomas Anius to help his Anguillan counter-parts with the installation.”


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