Jamaican swimmers competing in Coral Springs inaugural UANA Swimming Cup 2018

UANA Swimming Cup 2018

A team of young Jamaican swimmers will be among international swimmers participating in Coral Springs, Florida this weekend. The Coral Spring Aquatic Complex in Coral Springs, Florida, USA is hosting the Inaugural edition of the UANA Swimming Cup 2018 from Friday, January 19th to Sunday, January 21st. The Union Americana de Natación or UANA is the Regional governing body for all aquatic sports in the Americas.

This Inaugural Swim Meet, while being held in the United States of America (USA), is designed to give swimmers from UANA Zones 1 and 2 respectively a higher level of competition against their Age Group peers which means that swimmers from the USA and Canada have not been invited to participate in this competition.

For the records Zones 1and 2 comprise athletes from the Central American and Caribbean Area (CCCAN) and the South American Swimming Confederations (CONSANAT).  The Theme for the Meet is “Unity, Development, Progress – See, feel experience”  

Team Jamaica will be represented by thirteen (13) swimmers and performing the dual role of Coach/Manager will be Gillian Millwood.  

Members of the Jamaican team are: Female – Brianna Anderson, Gabrianna Banks, Naomi Eaton, Karci Gibson, Shaun Johnson, Annabella Lyn, Sabrina Lyn, Emily MacDonald, Simone Vale, and Britney Williams. Male – Jesse Marsh, Nathaniel Thomas, Nicholas Vale.

Members of the team will participate in individual events (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and individual medley), medley relays and freestyle relays.


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