Jamaican Diaspora 20 under 40:Leneen Faith Williams: The Kids Author

The Author


From an early age, Leneen Faith Williams, 35, had a special love for writing and for kids. As an adult she has combined these two loves as a teacher, and an author of a series of childrens books.

Born to Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, New York, the Davie, Broward County resident is dedicated to futhering her career as an author specializing in books to inspire children; building a foundation of disciplined, positive lives.

She earned a Bachelor’s a Master’s in Elementary Education at Nova Southeastern University and after graduation she taught in the Broward County public school system where she got the idea for her first book, “Peacebe and the Heartwatch,” illustrated by her brother David Campbell. “The idea of Peacebe and the Heartwatch came from God before I became a teacher,” said Leneen. “My inspiration came from the need to instill character in our youth in a fun and exciting way.”

The most memorable moment in her career was when her books were approved by Broward County Public Schools. “Once we received our approval letter, it allowed me to do readings at several schools, and share the importance of being a kid with character to many children. Another memorable moment,” Leneen continued, “was when we completed our website: www.peacebekids.com that allowed people from different states to purchase books, bringing a smile to our face, especially since for many years Peacebe was just an idea in my head.”

Today the series is being used in eighteen schools in Broward County with the ultimate goal is to develop a cartoon series based on Peacebe.

Leneen urges the youth in the Diaspora to never give up on their dreams and ambitions, even if they want to. “Enjoy the blessings you already have, but make time for your God-given dreams and goals. Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. –Matthew 6:33.”

She confesses, “The eight books I’ve written, and my brother illustrated, are centered around my Jamaican heritage and the manners and respect we were raised with. For me, being a Jamaican-American means being big on faith and love. No matter the challenges we face, we know it’s for a reason, and don’t let it keep us down for too long.”



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