Passenger on flight from Jamaica to Canada arrested after attempting to open plane door

Brandon Michael Courneyea being escorted off an Air Canada flight by US Federal Agents

A passenger on an Air Canada flight from Jamaica to Toronto was arrested by Federal Agents after he attempted to open the plane’s cabin door.

The incident occurred just after the flight began experiencing turbulence. The Canadian national, identified as 34-year-old Brandon Michael Courneyea, began behaving boisterously and started shouting at other passengers for “looking at him.”

Flight attendants reportedly tried to calm a frenzied Courneyea, but were unsuccessful. Due to the turbulence the pilot had turned on the fasten seat belt sign but the out of control passenger reportedly began walking around the plane. Courneyea reportedly stated that it would only take one guy to take the plane down and that he wanted to take everyone with him.

Shortly after, he ran to the back of the plane, grabbed a coffee pot, and swung it at flight attendants, who confronted him. But he grew even more angered and lunged for the rear cabin exit door and began to pull the door lever up to open the door. He then was restrained by crew members and fellow passengers on the aircraft.

Air Canada employees and passengers then restrained Courneyea using zip ties. In total, the incident lasted about 45 minutes.

When the plane made the emergency landing in Orlando Courneyea was arrested by federal agents. He was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants, which is a federal crime. The aircraft was required to stay in Orlando until federal agents could complete interviews.



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