No knee jerk reaction to crime says Jamaican Security Minister

Jamaican security minister Robert Montague says gangs in the country are under pressure

With Jamaica’s murder rate racing close to 700 since the start of the year that country’s National Security Minister, Robert Montague says the Government’s response to crime will be based on facts and firm intelligence.

Speaking at the United District Constables Association (UDCA) 37th Anniversary Church Service, held at the Portmore New Testament Church of God on June 18, Montague said there would be no knee-jerk reaction to the out of control crime rate.

“It will not be a knee jerk response. It will be deliberate, studied and targeted. The illegal gun and gunmen are our targets,” he said.

Montague described the causes of the  recent surge in incidents of crime as the twin problem of a proliferation of guns and a lack of information from the citizenry.

“The number one twin problem that drives crime is the illegal gun and lack of information,” he said, “This government will not be engaging in any knee-jerk reactions. We urge all Jamaica to remain calm and understand that the government has laid a firm foundation with the five-pillar crime reduction strategy.”

The said the five pillars are Effective Policing, Swift and Sure Justice Processes, Situational Prevention, Crime Prevention through Social Development and Rehabilitation and Redemption.



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