Ralph Thomas appointed Jamaica’s new Ambassador to US

Thomas to replace former Ambassador Stephen Vascianne

Jamaicans residing in the United States have welcomed the appointment of Ralph Thomas as Jamaica’s new ambassador to Washington, DC  to replace Ambassador Stephen Vascianne.

In reacting to the news, Managing Director, Caribbean Immigrant Services, Inc., Irwine Clare said “the appointment is very opportunistic, especially to harness and leverage the vast wealth of the Diaspora for the benefit of Jamaica.

Tracy Tomlinson-Dixon, Alternate Advisory Board Member Jamaica Diaspora NE USA said she is encouraged by a new appointment of an Ambassador as it gives an opportunity to start a new chapter, chart a new course, and embark on a new journey.

“The appointment of Ambassador Ralph Thomas to Washington, DC speak volume; an he is an intellectually and professionally rounded individual with International experience,” Tomlinson-Dixon said.

Ambassador Thomas is expected to assume duties as Jamaica’s envoy to the United States in early September.


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