Famed Jamaican Scholar Orlando Patterson speaks at FAU

On Saturday, February 13, 2016, the Florida Atlantic University (FAU), College of Business, will host internationally renowned Harvard sociologist, Orlando Patterson, Ph.D., O.D.,

Dr. Patterson will speak on “Institutions, Culture and Economic Performance in Jamaica: A Comparison with Barbados” at the first in a series of lectures, jointly organized by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Alumni Association Florida Chapter, Coalition of Jamaican Alumni Associations of Florida and local non=profit ReadingPaysMore, Inc., and the Florida Caribbean Students Association.

Described as one of the Caribbean’s foremost scholars, Dr. Patterson was the second person of African-descent to be hired by Harvard University, and is the author of “Slavery and Social Death, “The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth,” and the classic Caribbean novel, “The Children of Sisyphus.” Dr. Patterson was also awarded the Order of Distinction by the Government of Jamaica in 1999.

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Patterson’s lecture marks just the first in the “Evolution after the Revolution: Jamaica at 60” speaking series, which seeks to promote ad preserve Jamaican culture by showcasing the nation’s prominent figures tackling the island’s major obstacles.

“The country of Jamaica is facing the fierce urgency…in creating a solid educational foundation in its citizenry to be able to compete in the global market, more so in this information based economy to create sustained economic progress and stability,” says Georgia D.N. Robinson, local Jamaican-born attorney and founder of ReadingPaysMore, Inc. “Jamaicans must make a commitment that we will also be known for our intellectual contributions in areas such as business, law and medicine, as well as in sports and music. The only way this will happen is if we nurture a national culture of reading/education,” she continued.

The forum is free to the public and begins sharply at 5:00 p.m., at the FAU Liberal Arts Building (Room LA 120) in Davie. Dr. Patterson will meet with patrons in attendance at a book sale and signing following the lecture.

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