Lauderhill Commissioner to honor 12 Lauderhill women During Women’s History Month

Lauderhill Commissioner Howard Berger will hold his 2nd Annual Women’s History Month Tribute Dinner, honoring 12 women whose passion is to serve the community in which they reside – the City of Lauderhill.

Women have vastly shaped the Lauderhill community. Many times the tremendous contributions women have made go unrecognized.  Countless non-profits, cultural organizations, business and family services are provided by strong, selfless women who are from right here in the City of Lauderhill,” states Commissioner Berger. He continues, “I felt it was long overdue to honor those who have sacrificed so much. The dinner was the least I could do to show them how much they are appreciated.”

Honorees include: Marcia Barry-Smith, Ciara Bostick, Andrea Braynon, Alfreda Coward, Lucy Dorlus, Yvonne Greene, Winnifred McPherson, Charley Mae Meadows, Crystal Pressey, Paula S. Scott, Suzanne Sauder, and Patricia West.

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The honorees will be publically recognized at the regularly scheduled City of Lauderhill Commission Meeting on March 14th at 7 pm at the newly opened Lauderhill Performing Arts Center.

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