Caribbean Culture Celebrated During Superbowl Weekend

MIAMI, Florida – The Superbowl LIV has come and gone and while you may be either extremely excited that your team won or totally devastated over the unexpected loss, one thing is for certain; the Caribbean parade and concert during the Super Bowl LIVE programming at Bayfront Park was one of the highlights over Superbowl weekend in Miami.

Bayfront Park played home to a weekend of programming by the Super Bowl Host Committee of which Friday was dedicated to showcasing the diverse communities and unique cultures represented across Miami.

The program, which was organized by Aifos Agency Inc, kicked off with a parade featuring LIVE Junkanoo and Moko Jumbies from the Bahamas, Fashion and Dance from Jamaica, Costumes and Steelpan from Trinidad & Tobago and the Haitian RaRa all of which filled the downtown area with the sounds of a proud region.

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The welcoming program was a crowd favorite as many were seen snapping photos and streaming live on social media, while others decided to join in on the fun and participated in the mile-long parade.

The evening ended with a LIVE orchestra fusion performance by Miami’s Nu Deco Ensemble and Miami-native and Grammy-winning producer, Walshy Fire (Jamaica) who closed the evening with a unique orchestral presentation of some of his most popular music. The evening also featured a performance by J. Perry (Haiti), a number of interactive experiences from sponsors and an amazing fireworks show to end a perfect evening.

“I love that Caribbean culture is represented here because it makes up so much of what makes Miami, Miami. I’m happy!” states Erica Knowles who attended the event over multiple days at Bayfront Park.

Open and free to the public the weekend was full of programming and contributed to what we can chalk up as overall a great experience and a huge win for the Caribbean community who got their night to shine.

Following the Superbowl, Aifos Agency Inc sent a special thank you to Lila Nikole, Euphoria Mas, Steel Away Productions, DJ Savage Won and all who made the evening a memorable one.