Legislation being tabled to prevent hot car deaths

US lawmakers are proposing legislation which would require car makers to install sensors that alert drivers if a child is being left in a car.

On average 37 children die each year in a hot car. Most of the time they were accidentally forgotten by a parent or a caregiver. Nine have died in this fashion since the year began.

If proponents have their way – your car will soon provide one more alert to make sure this can’t happen.

In the meantime – never leave a child in a car unattended.

Do whatever it takes to remember to check your back seat.

Advocates suggest tossing your purse in the back seat – or better yet, toss one of your shoes back there.

Most importantly – don’t think a hot car tragedy can’t happen even on a cloudy day.

Even if it is 52 degrees outside children can die from heat stroke inside a vehicle. Heat stroke sets in at 104 degrees. Human cells start to shut down at 107 degrees. And a child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s.

General Motors already has some of this technology in its cars.

The Hot Cars Act would require it in all vehicles. It will be announced on Capital Hill Wednesday.


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