Inmate charged for attack on Peter Tosh’s son

An inmate at the Bergen County Jail has been charged in the jailhouse attack that left the son of late reggae icon Peter Tosh in a coma since February.

Tosh’s son, Jawara McIntosh, 37, has brain damage and remains unresponsive  in a hospital in Boston.


Kyrie Charon Baum, 40, of Fort Lee, faces charges of aggravated assault and has since been indicted, according to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office. Baum was being held in the jail on robbery and gun charges when he attacked McIntosh, the sheriff’s office said. Baum was housed in one of the jail’s general custody units when he allegedly attacked McIntosh in February, authorities said.

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The attack lasted less than 10 seconds, authorities said.

Jawara Tosh, who performs under the name Tosh1, was serving a six month jail sentence after 54 pounds of marijuana was found in the trunk of his car.

He has served two months of his sentence when the attack occurred.

Peter Tosh’ son in coma after prison beating




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