Grenadian Reggae Artist A#keem On A Mission To Affect Positive Change Through Music

Grenadian musician A#keem has dedicated his musical talent to the socially conscious and inspiring music that he proudly authors. The 32-year-old surveyor’s assistant uses his music to not only entertain his listeners but to spread a message of love, social justice and mental upliftment.

The songwriter, whose real name is Akeem Abraham, says, “after being exposed to so much violence via the news, then after research, concluding the major contribution to the violence is violent music, I wanted to pursue a mission to affect positive change with my music”.

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Though his inspirations to do music comes from his life experiences and observations of his surroundings, international acts like Eminem and DMX also play a significant role in his appreciation for the art form.

Some of his memorable songs include, ‘Stay Up’ which he describes as “a letter to every man, woman, boy and girl; sending infinite love and positive energy during the Covid-19 onslaught”. The song is produced and mixed by iOne Productions and has the accompanying video on his official Youtube channel A#keem and other platforms such as Apple Music and iTunes.

Another recent release, ‘I Wanna Rock’ comes as an upbeat, reggae track that hears the artist expressing how he feels about being locked away due to the shift of operations and protocols because of the global pandemic.

One of the more popular productions from the reggae crooner is the ‘Sound Bwoy’, the 2019 track which premiered on Reggaeville, garnering moderate success and airplay on Jamaican radio stations and European regions.

Outside of music, A#keem has other passions and hobbies, including fishing, farming and carpentry. Over the next few years, he expects to continue walking a path full of purpose, expansive knowledge, overcoming petty prejudice and nationalism.

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