George Wright Finally Breaks His Silence

Sheri-kae McLeod, CNW Reporter

george wright

Since April, Jamaicans across the diaspora have been waiting to hear from embattled Member of Parliament (MP) for Westmoreland Central, George Wright.

The MP has been at the center of an abuse scandal after he was allegedly caught on video hitting a woman with a stool. After two months of silence, Wright gave his first public interview with the Jamaica Gleaner.

The MP, however, stayed clear from commenting on the abuse allegations, saying he does not support any form of abuse. Wright said that he will be supporting any and every change to domestic abuse legislation made in parliament.

“Of course, I will support them (legislative changes). I don’t support the use of abuse to anyone, whether to women, men, boy or girl. [Not] even animals,” insisted Wright during a sit-down at his Westmoreland Central constituency office.

The police could not link Wright to the viral video and the investigation was closed. However, on June 4th, Wright announced that he would be resigning from the Jamaica Labour Party.

But the MP has signaled his intention to remain in politics as an independent member and even contest the next general election.

Asked if he intends to remain as constituency representative, Wright, without hesitation, replied: “Of course, yes,” adding, “our people come first”.

“I am here for the people and the benefit of the people,” the Westmoreland Central MP stressed.

Wright took a leave of absence from parliament on April 20, but came back prematurely to sit in parliament on June 8. He said that during his leave from the house, his team was still working in his constituency. He says he still intends to work with the same team as an Independent MP.

“I have a team. I am not necessarily going to change my entire staff, because those who want to come with George Wright will come, regardless of their affiliation, whether they are PNP or JLP, but I do not know what is happening over there,” he said.

George Wright said he remains dedicated to his constituency and plans to continue assisting residents with employment and other issues.



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