TT police commissioner announces plan to restructure police force

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Police Commissioner  Gary Griffith  says the police force will be restructured by the end of this year.

Griffith told reporters during a press conference on Thursday that he is currently drafting a plan that will include an app to help citizens report criminals anonymously and improved ballistics investigations.

According to the police commissioner,  he knows that some people are hesitant to come forward with information.

 “There is a fear and a concern of reprisal and what I would be doing is I would be providing an app for citizens to come out and give us information,” he said.

“I cannot put my head on a block that each and every police officer can be trusted. Remember the police service comes from society, our society is not perfect,” he said.

Griffith gave the assurance that “things” are being put in place to ensure the safety of those who report criminal police officers.

“We are putting systems in place to ensure a degree of accountability for any police officer involved in police activity,” said the Commissioner who  also urged citizens to get more involved.

“If you see something, say something. There is no such thing as the perfect crime, someone would know something.”

He warned the public that if they are aware of rogue police officers, instead of making a report at the police station contact him directly.

“Give us the information and we will deal with them, but you cannot be turning a blind eye,” he said.

While the Commissioner also defended members of the police force, he admitted that sometimes police officers may be wrong and urged citizens to make use of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA).


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