TT Murder Rate Increasing

Trinidad and Tobago murder rate increases - Caribbean National Weekly News

The Eastern Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago is under the gun.

Murders continue to climb in the country that has been beset, much like other Caribbean states, with an out of control murder rate. As of Saturday, September 15, that country’s police reported that 344 persons had been victims of murder.

Most fell victim to the gun. However, on Sunday a prison inmate was stabbed to death by three other prisoners inside the Golden Grove Remand Center in Arouca.


Found dead in his cell

Police said that around 7.30 a.m. Jason Wharton, 38, was found stabbed to death in his cell. His body was removed to the Port of Spain Mortuary.


Shot in the chest

Hours before Shackah Prince, 37, was sitting on the roadway near the bar when a gunman fired one shot, hitting him in the chest. The shooting happened at around 1a.m.

Prince, of Bertrand Street, collapsed on the roadway.

He was pronounced dead at the San Fernando General Hospital. The incident occurred near his home.

Police are also considering arming some of its citizens with pepper spray and tasers in a bid to give law-abiding citizens a greater chance of fending off attacks from criminal elements.



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