Cayman Islands to offer 10-year visa for Jamaicans

The Cayman Islands is revising its visa regime, and is now offering Jamaicans a 10-year visa.

Jamaica is being given special treatment under a new immigration law as all other nationalities which require a visa prior to visiting Cayman can obtain only single-entry permission, or permission to enter multiple times within a one-year, three-year or five-year fixed period, according to the Cayman Compass.

According to the newspaper, a Cabinet directive was issued recently to Cayman’s chief immigration officer to add the 10-year visitor visa for Jamaicans only.

“Recognizing the unique relationship between Jamaica and Cayman … [this] is an initiative aimed at strengthening our ability to adequately facilitate legitimate visitor travel for qualified Jamaican nationals without jeopardizing operations or processes relative to border control,” Ministry of Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush is quoted as saying.

Jamaica and Cayman’s strong historical and cultural ties stretch back to pre-independence days when the Cayman Islands were part of the British colony of Jamaica.


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