American Tourist Fakes Abduction to Get Out of Quarantine in Jamaica

Sheri-Kae McLeod, CNW Reporter

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“A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots,” is a quote that aptly describes one of the major cons of social media. In the age of the internet, people have easier access to information as well as a platform to voice their opinions. The disadvantage of this is that people can quite literally say anything, and there will be people in the digital space who believe them.

This is the case of an American stewardess, Kalina Collier, who recently visited Jamaica and convinced hundreds of thousands of social media users, including celebrities, that she was being held hostage by a local hotel, simply because she did not want to follow the quarantine order.

The Jetblue Airways employee arrived on the island on January 28, and was scheduled to depart on February 1. After arriving on the island, Collier took an antigen test that returned a positive result on January 30. Convinced that she did not have the virus, she took another test upon arrival that came back negative.

Due to the inconsistent results of the antigen tests, the Ministry of Health and Wellness recommended she take a PCR test on February 2, which came back positive. Collier was then advised that she was to complete a 14-day quarantine in her hotel room. Her hotel, Ocean Coral Spring in Trelawny, also offered to have her stay the period at no extra cost, instead of transferring to a government facility.

On February 4th, Collier went on Instagram live to “tell her story” to her 11,000 followers. In the video, she alleged that she was being held hostage by the hotel and urged her followers to call the local embassy, immigration authorities in the United States and news stations in New York and make them aware of her situation.

“You guys [Ocean Coral Spring] are getting money from the government to say that you handled COVID-19 correctly and I’m over it. Yes, they tried to traffic me. I’m suing the pants off this place,” she said on Instagram.

She also alleged that she was being deprived of food, and said the hotel employees had put hidden cameras in her room, which were really sprinklers.

Her video on Instagram went viral across social media platforms, with over 200,000 views. The allegation resulted in the hashtags #WhereIsKalina and #SaveKalinaCollier trending on social media. Social media influencers, including Grenadian-American actress, Amanda Seales and Jamaican artist Spice also believed the allegations and spoke on the incident.

After disappearing from social media, Collier gave an update days later, saying that she was fine and not being held hostage, nor was she kidnapped. But by then, hundreds of thousands of people had already been convinced that the worst had happened.

Scores of social media users bombarded the page of the hotel, saying that they should close down for good. Those same people urged their followers to #BoycottJamaica and even sent death threats to senior Advisor and Strategist at the Tourism Ministry in Jamaica, Delano Seiveright.

On February 14, at the end of Collier’s 14-day quarantine period, she was released from the hotel and departed the country along with her mother, who had subsequently arrived on the island.

Jamaica’s police force advised members of the public to dismiss the allegations made by Collier, saying that they were “baseless and mischievous.” The police said she was visited by members of the Trelawny division who confirmed that she was safe and never in any danger.

The allegations have destroyed the reputation of the hotel and caused damage to Jamaica’s already-struggling tourism industry. Collier still maintains that she spoke the truth. She also said that she was harassed by tourism officials in Jamaica to make a statement.

The incident has also highlights how many international residents view Jamaica and the Caribbean: a place to escape to, even during a pandemic. The region is heavily reliant on travel for survival, which means in the eyes of tourists, the health and general welfare of the region comes secondary to their enjoyment. It also exposes the entitlement of many visitors who tout their perceived superiority and show complete disregard for the laws of “third-world” countries.

While the Caribbean region needs tourism, travelers should be mindful that the majority of the world is still in a global pandemic; and the Caribbean, due to lack of resources, is behind on vaccination efforts. This means that protocols must be observed if they take the risk of visiting.


*This story was updated to reflect a statement made by Kalina Collier.


    • You are correct and the coral springs should sue her for the lies she told that has given the hotel a bad reputation. She should be force to make a international apology and then be band for future travels to the island, this is on outrage and so quickly something like this to damage a little island that is already trying to float. Such lies there should be penalties for them so it will serve as on example to others who decide to try otherwise.

      • If she is Jamaican by burth then migrated, Unfortunately the Jamaican authorities cannot ban her from entering the island. I believe though that if a means exist for both the hotel & tourism strategist Delano Seivewright to sue her & receive damages, i think they should use it. She needs to learn a very expensive lesson. It is quite obvious she wanted a free vacation. So sad though

  1. That woman should be sued for the damage she caused to Jamaica.Tjis is one of the reason I would NEVER date a black American.Oh ,by the way I’m Black

  2. I hope that woman will be declared persona non grata and never allowed to enter Jamaica or Jamaican airspace or territorial waters again; She and her lying tribe.

  3. Did this biracial American flight attendant FINALLY told the TRUTH?? 😡. Usually we it is the Black, Americans that show up their liw down side by treating our people as if we are BELIE THEM! When actually, they r the illiterate idiots, with theirIGNORANCE and broken pronunciations of our English taught by the English. We r also a threat to them because we r soo fine and well educated!😎 oh, we take their black men away from them..(They say this) They are so brainwashed by the slavery system/ masters in how to behave like CRABS IN A BARREL. Good RIDDANCE!!)


  5. This woman has given Jamaica and the hotel a bad reputation I hope the hotel sue HER for millions of dollars, and she should never be able to come back into the island.
    I wondered how much she got paid to do what she did.

    • Listen idiot, I think you meant “at all cost” but should have known it’s always the illiterate that wants to promote hate.

  6. True the story said soh, but what’s with all the black this and black… That… Shame on you guys. okay so this lady had some bad faults but every culture has mad seeds… But to comment on your people doesn’t see m fit… Mind it’s your country we a talk bout… Far as migration goes Jamaica is our fore fathers and Mothers so ah dis how di ting set… All thee while.. We in North America do not speak English.. We speak linguistics of a few languages, remember English all of we nah talk right cause English is a Anti-Germanic language… Soh tek care and top diss your people see pon internet.

  7. This is where her employers must deal with her. She is a liability to the airline industry and must be banned from entering any Caribbean destination for life.

  8. She should be suspended from working with the airline until she undergo physiological evaluation and treatment. I would feel rather unsafe on a flight she is working. She may not have the wisdom to know that sabotaging the flight will also impact her. Banning her from entering Jamaica should not be a question. Never know what she will do next time to get attention….

  9. This is absolutely horrible on many levels because of how selfish she was. I believe she owes the Jamaican people an apology for being so selfish, acting carelessly while the country took care of her. Her 2 weeks quarantine was free of cost and she was well cared for. She should also apologize for being stupid. How could sprinklers in your hotel room be a hidden camera? Your Covid episode must have affected your thinking and attitude. What’s even worst is that she still does not even understand the negative impact she has cost the island’s tourism industry when people in cyberspace were trashing and sending negative threats and vibes to the island. She can start by sending an apology on social media and use her 13000+ new followers to help build back the island’s reputation.

  10. JetBlue Airline should sacked her for bringing false allegations, also she has ruining the hotel reputation and most of all Jamaica itself. Before i would ban her from Jamaica, she should write an apology letter to the hotel and to the authorities. Pay the hotel for the damages of her lies. Then banned her from ever entering Jamaica ever again.

  11. Jamaica take that has a lesson and a warning be aware of American corruptions Satan tourist the hotel should sue the dirty fucking coranavirus bitch make sure she is ban from entering Jamaica again all to gather

  12. People saying ALL black Americans are idiots need to take a few seats back! THIS one is an Idiot. Stop slinging hate. Some of us are from the islands originally and before that Africa. We are not Americans by choice. So stop all this nastiness.

  13. She should make an apology to Jamaican people and the tourists industry. People can go on the social media and said things and everyone believes them.SPICE i expect better from you.

  14. This is horrible she should be sued and put on a no fly list to Jamaica think about the damage you have done if you don’t want to abide by the rules don’t fly you are selfish and should lose your job. Apology means nothing she knew exactly what she was doing she should suffer the consequences sue the crap out of her and ban her.

  15. Honestly we shall start speaking of PEOPLE, not black, white or blue. Is not about the color of your skin. A despicable person is a despicable PERSON. Once said this, I agree to this woman to be sued for outrageous conduct against the hotel and banned from Jamaica. Bless ya’ll, this world is mad.

  16. This woman was angry with the circumstances that beset her in Jamaica and reacted without thinking. Her weapon of choice was Social Media but she ended up hurting herself and her family for a fleeting fifteen minutes of fame now turned to shame and disgrace.
    My advice is to calm down and think before posting anything on Social Media as once something it sent, it can not be retrieved.


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