Barrett Town gears up for zinc fence removal

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) has inked an agreement for zinc fence removal in the community of Barrett Town in St James.

The agreement was signed at the foundation’s Oxford Road, Kingston headquarters on February 7, 2017 between Member of Parliament for East Central St James, Hon. Edmund Bartlett and JSIF Managing Director, Omar Sweeney.

The Zinc Fence Removal project is being implemented through JSIF’s Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP).

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A World Bank loan of $260 million has been allocated for the project that will see removal of zinc fences in 11 communities across 6 parishes. Of this amount $18 million will be used for the removal of zinc fences in Barrett Town, St. James.

The eleven communities were selected based on the degree of impact of zinc fence on the aesthetics and ability to access.

The communities, include: Hannah Town, Denham Town, Rose Town, Greenwich Town, Maxfield Park in Kingston and St. Andrew; Canaan Heights, and York Town in Clarendon; Steer Town in St. Ann; Barrett Town and Granville in St. James, and Russia in Westmoreland.

The agreement with the Barrett Town Community, which is the first of the agreements to be signed, will result in the removal and substitution of selected length of fencing (492m) along the following roadways in Barrett Town: Bottom Vietnam Road, Top Vietnam Road, Walkway linking Bottom and Top Vietnam, Saigon top side (from Blount Street), Vietnam Lane.

The overall project is geared towards public safety, and aesthetics and identity to improve the lives of persons living in those communities.