Arima toddler perishes in apartment fire

A three-year old girl was killed in an apartment fire near Herman Gerard Avenue in Malabar, Arima on Sunday.

According to several reports, three-year old Tyran Garcia and her five siblings were home under the surveillance of the eldest sibling, 14-year-old Tonya Adeshina when the fire started.

Adeshina told Trinidadian media she was home drawing with the toddler while her other four siblings were playing. She was alerted by her eight-year-old sister that a mattress caught fire.

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Adeshina initially collected all her siblings and brought them outside to safety, but while attempting putting out the fire three year old Garcia went back into the building to find her.

“Some of them were outside so I grab the rest and run outside and then I went back in with a bucket to out the blaze. The fire blow up in my face and it had real smoke so I pass through the back. That’s when I start to hear Tyran screaming out my name, but I couldn’t go back inside,” Adeshina wept as she told reporters of the events that unfolded.

Adeshina was comforted by her mother Abigaile Mota, mother of seven, who at the time of the incident was on her way back home from a weekend in Toco.

Mota told reporters that her child’s body was found behind the space saver in the living room. Officials believe the child attempted to hide from the flames.

The children’s step father, Terrance Wilson, was also out during the time of the incident, he was working at a construction site in Arouca.

He learned of the house fire when the property owner of the two-story building contacted him, alerting him that the building caught fire.

“I wasn’t there for her, my sole purpose was to care for them but I wasn’t there,” Wilson said as he cried openly to Trinidadian media.

According to officials the fire started around 1:30 pm and have not yet determined the cause of the fire.



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