Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

People continue to tout the use of apple cider vinegar as a medicine chest item useful in treating a wide variety of physical ailments. For years, herbalists and older members of the community have cited the healing qualities of apple cider vinegar.  

 Apple cider vinegar, found in supermarkets and herbal shops, is made from pulverized apples after a period of fermentation when the apples are broken down to bacteria and yeast, turned into alcohol that ferments into vinegar, holding high contents of acetic and amino acids.

The proponents of the healing effects of apple cider vinegar, preferably the organic kind, recommend its consumption (usually a tablespoon in an 8-ounce glass of water two to three times daily to treat:

  • Digestive problems like heartburn or indigestion. (Consume the apple cider vinegar after meals).
  • Diabetes: apple cider vinegar reduces glucose (sugar) levels (Consume a dose of the product before going to bed).
  • High cholesterol: Consume daily apple cider vinegar reduces high levels of cholesterol.
  • High blood pressure: Regular doses reduce high blood pressure and promote a healthy heart.
  • Cancer: Apple cider vinegar is said to slow the growth, and even kill cancer cells.
  • Weight loss: the product promotes weight loss, as it is said to reduce the appetite making people feel less hungry. 
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Health effects of the properties found in apple cider vinegar:

Potassium: Aids the building of muscles, transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity, prevents brittle teeth, hair loss, and nasal mucus.

Acetic acid: Slows the digestion of starch, and lowers the increase of glucose in the blood. 

Ash (or alkaline): Helps to maintain proper pH levels in the body, which prevents and/or fight cancer cells.
Malic acid: Helps to prevent the ill effects of viruses, bacteria, and fungi; removes toxins from the body, enhance bowel regularity, and promotes clean, healthy skin.

Because of the acidic qualities of apple cider vinegar, it’s always recommended it’s diluted before applying it to the skin or drinking. If applied or consumed too strong it can damage the tooth enamel, tissues of the throat, mouth, or skin, and have the reverse effect in the stomach.




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