Get the most out of Cyber Monday deals

(BPT) – The holiday season is a time to celebrate family by giving and receiving gifts, but it can quickly get expensive. Cyber Monday deals offer great opportunities to save on gifts for everyone on your list without sacrificing quality. Navigate the hectic post-Thanksgiving shopping scene like a champ, and save more money with these five tips and tricks.

1. Plan ahead. Many retailers start posting deals online ahead of time, and there are even mobile apps and websites dedicated to organizing Cyber Monday offers. Check them out and start mapping out your Cyber Monday plan of attack!

2. Shop  online. Black Friday is known for shopping in-store, but maybe you didn’t find everything on your gift list. Many deals are also available exclusively online, so use the weekend to scope them out. Take advantage of retailers’ Cyber Monday deals to make sure you get everything you need – without breaking the bank.

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3. Set discount guidelines. Don’t fall victim to “door buster” or other flashy, short-term sales that don’t offer that great of a deal. Make sure you’re getting the best savings by setting discount guidelines for yourself. For example, only look for sales where items are at least 40 percent off, ensuring higher savings.

5. Stay on budget with cash. Set a budget before you hit the stores, and shop with cash so you don’t get tempted to make impulse purchases. Once the cash is gone, you’re done Black Friday shopping for the day — and can go take a well-deserved nap!

With a little planning, Cyber Monday shopping can be a great way to relieve much of the stress of holiday shopping. Follow these four tips to save and spend smarter.



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