Fitness Entrepreneur Krista Martins, Owner of ‘Wukkout!’ is Keeping Soca Lovers Fit at Home

“I’m not putting it on, I can’t even not smile when I think about soca or carnival. You know, West Indian people, we always think Soca music will save the world!”

Krista Martins, Owner of Wukkout!®: a high-energy, inclusive and dynamic Caribbean Carnival-like dance fitness experience designed to get you out of your head and into your body, has been teaching dance classes since the age of 14, but she’s been showing off her dance moves way before then.

“My mom always said when she was pregnant with me, that I was kicking a lot so she thought she had a soccer player on her hands but she realized I was dancing!” says Martins.

When her in-studio classes, which saw anywhere from 25-40 participants, had to shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, Kristia pushed forward with Wukkout! On-Demand.  “I think the really great thing is that a lot of people who didn’t think they were good at working out at home, are now realizing that it is a thing that they like to do and they found a way to make it work for them and make it work within their day,” says Martins.

Krista created Wukkout! On-Demand in 2019 as a passive extension of her brand for those soca lovers who couldn’t get enough of her classes but it wasn’t until the pandemic that she saw an increase of over 70% new online registrations.

“Initially it was a free 30-day trial, and we had a lot of people just do that and they were grateful for the month, and that was it. Now it’s a 14-day free trial and anyone can check it out now if they want to for those two weeks,” says Martins.

When she’s not hosting zoom classes for her Wukkout! On-Demand Members, she keeps the outdoor experience going for as long as weather permits. “With COVID-19, Obviously we had to stop all in-person classes and we are only having pop-up outdoor classes now. I kind of checked the weather 3 days prior and put out the bat signal, Hey we’re having a class – space is limited” says Martins.

Recent months have been difficult for many of us, and Krista believes that dancing not only keeps us physically fit but reduces our anxiety levels as well.

“Realize that this is unlike anything we have ever experienced, so just take your time with yourself. And for the people who are really struggling with working out and being hard on themselves for not working out during this time, you know if you can even take five minutes to move your body every day whatever that means if it means putting on your favorite song and like dancing like a crazy person around your house, if it means getting up walking around the block and coming back in, if it means standing up and doing 10 jumping jacks, just a little of your body even for five minutes will, that’s enough, it keeps the joints supple, and it helps your sanity a little bit. I think move with Grace, give yourself Grace, and if you can move your body just a little bit every day,” she said.

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