Haitian town gets ambulance thanks to initiative spearheaded by Lauderhill Commissioner

Lauderhill Commissioner Denise Grant
Lauderhill Commissioner Denise Grant

Denise Grant, Commissioner of the city of Lauderhill, is expressing gratitude for an initiative that resulted in the donation of an ambulance to Kenscoff, Haiti.

Speaking at a reception on January 10 where she hosted Honorable Jean Massillon, the Mayor of Kenscoff, Haiti, Commissioner Grant said the town was in need of the ambulance.

She said a team of supporters mobilized themselves and organized a letter-writing and speaking campaign to highlight the need for the ambulance.

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In February 2020 a fire swept through the children’s home, Orphanage of the Church of Bible Understanding in Kenscoff killing 15 children. Rescue workers arrived at the scene on motorcycles and didn’t have bottled oxygen or the ambulances needed to transport the children to the hospital. Jean-Francois Robenty, a civil protection official who spoke with The Associated Press shared that, “They could have been saved. We didn’t have the equipment to save their lives.″

In light of this tragedy and others of similar nature, the donation was well received.

Commissioner Grant thanked Senator Daphne Campbell, Mayor Hazelle Rogers, Vice Mayor Samson Borgelin, Commissioner Mike Gelin, Haitian Consul General, Dorothy Samson, Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas, Pastors Cherry, Philomine, Nadia Assad, Roody Lormera, Jackie Vernon Thompson, Vivette Johnson, and Amani for their invaluable assistance in realizing the acquisition of the ambulance.

She described the initiative as purposeful and said she was grateful to have been the vessel utilized.

Kenscoff expresses gratitude 

The Haitian Mayor responded to the donation stating, “The donation of this ambulance will help the Kenscoff Town Hall build a better and brighter future, not only for the people we work with on a daily basis but also and more importantly, for all those within our community who require urgent care travel that we have not been able to provide.”

He further expressed his gratitude saying, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the city of Lauderhill, in particular the mayors, who have supported us and have allowed us today to win this battle that we have been fighting as I told [you] for 25 years.”