Tosh Alexander Gets Vulnerable for ‘Bad Like Dat’

by Ramona Samuels, CNW Reporter

Photo: Tosh Alexander/Facebook

Never before have we seen this side of Tosh Alexander. Portrayed as vulnerable yet firm in her latest ‘lyric visualiser’ music video for the single ‘Bad Like Dat’, the Jamaican songstress trills out soul-baring lyrics laid over a blend of the dancehall and R&B genres that have, over time, become her unique sound.

Showcased against an earth-toned satin backdrop in a garden-like oasis, Tosh tells the tale of a woman annoyed by her lover’s incessant cheating and neglect on the song’s melodious beat.

The intimate video shows off her toned physique as she ponders on the infidelities of her partner. Joint in hand, she sings, “Yuh have a girl name Simone, weh a call off mi phone, a suh yuh do mi a road”, hearkening to the heartbreaking relationship dilemmas that ring true for many females.

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“This is the first time I am singing in patois on a beat like this,” she said about the track and working with executive producer Cobessss of Knetwork and Unruly Entertainment, who is generally known for his ‘traphall’ rhythms. “I have never been a vulnerable person nor have I shown that side of me, but I wanted to connect with my fans in a very honest way. The realness of this song is something I wanted to put out there; it is coming from a true place”.

The Brooklyn-born Jamaican singer, who has a passion for R&B, admits she is ready to be authentic to her sound. She said, “In my earlier days of doing music, I almost felt I had to choose between R&B or dancehall. Learning and growing made me realise I have to do what I love and what I do well; this single embodies that, a fuse of the genres I love and what I grew up on.”

Though Tosh Alexander has spent a significant amount of time living in Jamaica, she was primarily brought up overseas and hopes to define and cement her unique sound on the international scene.

“Being an international act has always been the plan and when the right situation comes to me, then I can look into signing with labels and all of that. But until then, independence as an artist exploring different sounds is an amazing thing,” she said.



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