Shaggy transformation for Trump parody gets over a million views

It’s not only actor Alec Baldwin who can play Donald Trump. A video showing Jamaican-born, Grammy-winning singer, Shaggy, transformed into the role of Trump for a spoof on the Robert Muller investigation for the ‘Late Late Show’ last week, has garnered over a million views already.  

The ‘It Wasn’t Me’ singer, was recruited by the show’s host James Corden to sing his chart-topping 2000 hit for the parody. Corden played a determined Mueller as he sang: “Special counsel got you sweating like crazy, tweeting that it’s a ‘witch hunt,’” while knocking on the Oval Office door with a number of FBI agents as a jumpy Shaggy, playing Trump, tried to shred confidential documents and hide.

To which Shaggy responds in song: “This damn Russian probe’s gonna bite me in the bummer. I never should have fired James Comey last summer. Pundits called me dumb, Bannon made me look dumber. I’ll blame Hillary, boy I’ve really outdone her. To be a true dealer, know the art of the deal. If Mueller’s pressin’ charges, then I’m going to appeal. Delete my work emails before they reveal. I paid off Stormy Daniels so she’d spank me till I squealed.”

The two also poked fun at the Stormy Daniels situation, Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey, the alleged existence of a “pee tape,” and Trump’s relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

As of press time, the video garnered over 900,000 views on Twitter and over 600,000 on Youtube.  




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