Reggae Pop Princess Bella Blair Debuts Sexy New Music Video

Jamaica’s multifaceted pop songstress Bella Blair, has reemerged with a sexy new music video to match her sultry song ‘All Summer’; the first single from her EP ‘Shine’.

The video debuted on September 9th on her official YouTube channel to pleasing reviews from her loyal fan following.

Shot in picturesque Miami, an eye-catching scene sees Bella Blair out shopping on a warm summer day, when a text message from a handsome man she met earlier, alerts her to an invitation for a meet-up. “And now we’ll start to touch, and now we’ll fall in love”, are some of the alluring lyrics harmonized while she intrigues her summer love interest.

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“All Summer is a true reflection of my beautiful creation process. I am the change I wanna see in music.” She told CNW Network.

Bella’s pleasing display of a woman confident in her sex appeal was achieved with edgy dance moves and coordinated dancers.

Watch the video below:

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