Nation Boss: A Pandemic Star is Born

By Ramona Samuels

nation boss
Photo: Instagram/Nation Boss

Jamaica’s rigid curfews and lockdowns have had some young persons at home bored and uninspired, but with every unexpected situation something ‘viral’ might be on the horizon.

One such example is the story of Nation Boss, who posted a simple and informal freestyle video to his WhatsApp status update weeks ago that unexpectedly took the screens of users by storm. The video, which immediately went viral on social media, was not intended to get the overwhelmingly positive reaction that it did.

The 22 year old, who was born in Spanish Town then later migrated to Barbados with his mother, received a call from his cousin soon after he posted it, excitedly saying his video is on the popular Tik Tok social media platform. The call made the artiste, whose real name is Kushilo, ponder in confusion at first as he noted during an interview with The Fix podcast that: “I am not even on Tik Tok”.

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As the day progressed, the video went viral. Nation Boss’ casual post was now being echoed by the likes of Dancehall star Bugle and renowned Reggae newcomer Lila Ike.

The response to his lyrical delivery, one that hears him sing about the disappointment of humans, was overwhelming, the demands for him to go in studio and voice a professional version of the freestyle clip grew rapidly on several social media platforms.

The video clip caught the attention of dancehall producer Dominique McDonald, better known as ‘Trouble Mekka’, who quickly reached out to Nation Boss and invited him to his studios the very same day. Nation Boss’ willing heart jumped at the opportunity, as this was the very same producer he made attempts to collaborate with several times before, but to no avail.

The impromptu invite was met at a later date due to Nation Boss living in St. Ann and Trouble Mekka’s studio being located in Kingston’s Olympic Gardens. The musical producer explored beats that would fit perfectly to what Nation Boss originally did his song 45-second clip on, then officially recorded a single. Soon after, a YouTube-released official video was launched, which also went viral.

Nation Boss, who describes himself as a music lover and not an artiste, says he was not
expecting this newfound fame nor was it in his intention when he uploaded his video to
WhatsApp. Though he is happy and appreciative of the respect and admiration from fans and music counterparts, Nation Boss says there is much more to what he has to offer.

Music lovers should expect chapters when it comes on to him and this exciting journey.



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