Miss Philippines crowned Miss Universe after Steve Harvey mistakes Miss Colombia as winner

On Sunday, December 20, The 64th coronation of the Miss Universe pageant aired on TNT. However, what should have been a celebration became a very uncomfortable moment for this year’s winner and 1st runner up.

After announcing Miss USA as second runner up, the show’s host Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the pageant. A few minutes later, Harvey, walked back on stage, interrupted Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez, who was waving to the crowd in her new crown and announced that Philippines Pia Alonzo had indeed won.

“OK folks, uh …” Harvey began. “I have to apologize. The first runner-up is Colombia. Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines!” while both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines stood shocked.

“This is exactly what’s on the card,” he said, holding it up for the cameras. “I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake. It was on the card. Horrible mistake, but the right thing. I can show it to you right here,” he said pointing.

“The first runner-up is Colombia. Still a great night. Please don’t hold this against the ladies. We feel so badly, but it’s still a great night.”

After a few awkward minutes, both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines stood at the front of the stage before Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega walked on stage,  took the crown off Miss Colombia’s head, and placed it on the head of Miss Philippines.



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