Lila Ike Tackles Human Trafficking, Incest In New Thought-Provoking ‘Batty Rider Shorts’ Video

With the alarming increase of crimes against children in Jamaica since the Covid -19 onslaught, international recording star Lila Ike provides commentary on the issue with a heart-wrenching new single and video, ‘Batty Rider Shorts’.

In just 6 hours of the release, the Dezignr Studios-directed music video has amassed upwards of 20,000 views on the songwriter’s Youtube page. Resounding comments of applause and deeply felt quotes from her consistently growing fanbase have already dominated the song’s socially conscious lyrics.

The ‘I Spy’ singer’s passion for the song’s message is evident, “It means the most, I thank God I was inspired to bring this message. I’ve been writing this song for 4 years and it was just as relevant then, and that’s the issue because these things are happening every day and don’t seem to be going anywhere”,  she told CNW.

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Lila’s ability to beautifully capture the state of affairs through her melodic presentations are magnetizing and this moving production by Ziah.Push is no different.

The tear-jerking lyrics, “I see them dealin wid the youth dem like an asset, selling out wi daughters fi put money inna dem pocket”, ringing frighteningly true to the plague haunting Jamaica’s future leaders.

Watch and listen to the emotionally piercing song and video here

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