Five Timeless Classics from I Wayne’s Debut Album, ‘Lava Ground’

by Ramona Samuels

I Wayne
Photo: Peter Verwimp/Wikimedia

Reggae crooner, I Wayne has maintained a lane of his own since the inception of his gleamy career. His very successful 2005 debut album Lava Ground, topped the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart and featured some of the most poetic reggae songs ever made.

The catalogue embraces political division, biblical teachings, societal inconsistencies and conscious truths.

Here are five unforgettable classics from the eighteen-track masterpiece, produced by Nigel Burrel and Patrick Henry.


Life Seeds

Life Seeds is the sensational first track from the album which introduces the listener to the effortless performance done by the Portmore native. It’s calming acoustic melody coupled with I Wayne’s falsetto vocals, easily translate to a groundbreaking work of art that solidifies the artist as a true vocalist of music.

Lava Ground

Lava Ground is the title track that features at number two on the album’s listing. This is the most popular song on the ‘Lava Splash Riddim’ with songs from various artists. The calming beat ensures the listener is keenly attuned to the lyrics which speak of senseless killings while standing firm amidst war and turmoil.

Living In Love

With an earnest delivery, I Wayne’s Living In Love resonates as an anthem that encourages our society to choose love, selflessness and unity as its modus operandi. The hit song on the ‘Hard Times Riddim’, comes in at track twelve on the album.

Grow Proper

Track sixteen on the album stings as a lashing for adults who expose children to the lewd and perverted ills of society prematurely. Grow Proper condemns the immoral activities that some young women resort to doing for material gain, while the song’s upbeat presence gives it an easy-listen vibe.

Cool As The Breeze

It’s track number seventeen and the most hypnotizing of the five on this list. Cool As The Breeze sets the tone for a beautiful session of meditation and boundless imagination. The listener journeys to a world of musical instruments where drums pulsate sensually and the sub-conscious thought awakens.



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