Trinidad & Tobago Independence “Diaspora’s Next Gen” Spotlight: Timothy Surujbally

As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 53 years of independence, the National Weekly turns to the Twin Republic’s booming diaspora here in South Florida, celebrating young and talented individuals 40 and under that are already taking our community to the next level. From young Taekwondo masters to university deans, from artists to tastemakers, no doubt our future is bright in their hands.

Meet powerhouse, Timothy Surujbally.

Age: 31

Hometown: Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago

Specialization: Right-hand batsman

There’s nothing more terrifying than a fast bowl pummeling towards your face. But such terrors cut like butter for Miami-based batting powerhouse, Timothy Surujbally. Since his arrival on the South Florida cricket scene from New York, the right-hand batsman has brought a hard-hitting pace to the local circuit, with MVP titles in the T20 Lauderhill International tournament to prove it.

His fierce style is only natural when your childhood sparing partners were West Indies players such as Dwayne Bravo, Dinesh Ramdin and Ravi Rampaul. A son of Princes Town, Timothy, who is also a right offhand bowler, fell in love with the game in Mervyn Richardson’s cricket coaching school.

Fate and family brought the husband and father of two to South Florida, but his arrival was a boon for USA cricket, where his no-holds barred style flourishes on America’s preferred Twenty 20 platform. Timothy has done his adopted county proud, representing Team USA in international tournaments, combining American speed with Trinidadian finesse.

“I’ll never forget winning the ICC Americas cup with the team,” recalls Timothy.

Timothy most recently batted for Team USA at the ICC World Cup Qualifiers this past July. Though the red, white and blue didn’t make the cut this time, Timothy maintains high hopes for the sports’ future stateside.

“I think it can be a huge sport in America if they market it properly,” notes Timothy. “It has lots of potential to grow once we get a good plan and structure. We also need good sponsorship so players can tour the world and play cricket in different countries at a high level.”

With such clear vision, could Timothy also be a council leader, fostering Team USA to the next level? Whether on or off the pitch, Timothy is bound to play a hand in the sport’s budding future.



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