Sharon McLennon, Jamaican-American South Florida Realtor, Makes History in Florida

Sharon McLennon
From left: broward County Commissioner, Dale Holness, Sharon McLennon and Mayor of Lauderhill, Ken Thurston.

For over 20 years, Jamaican-American realtor Sharon McLennon has been one of South Florida’s leading real estate agents, particularly among the Caribbean-American community.

Earlier this week, the longtime South Florida resident announced that her company, Splendor Realty has joined the Coldwell Banker network and now will operate as Coldwell Banker Splendor Realty.

“Splendor Realty is pleased to announce that it has joined the Coldwell Banker network and effective immediately, will operate as Coldwell Banker Splendor Realty. The affiliation is the result of a new Inclusive Ownership program, first announced in February 2020 by Coldwell Banker. This initiative is designed to increase representation of women, minority, LGBTQ+ and veteran entrepreneurs in the real estate industry,” the company said in a statement.

Through the program, Coldwell Banker Splendor Realty will become the first 100% African American, woman-owned Coldwell Banker franchisee in Florida and the second in the country.

Members of the Jamaica diaspora including Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and Jamaican-American attorney Marlon Hill gathered in Lauderhill to celebrate McLennon’s historic achievement, as well as the opening of her new location in Lauderhill.

In attendance was also Dr Allan Cunningham, the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council representative for the Southern states, who said that McLennon has made the entire Jamaican diaspora proud.

“You have made Broward County proud, you have made the city of Lauderhill proud and you have made all Jamaicans in the 13 Southern states proud,” he said.

Mayor of Lauderhill, Ken Thurston also congratulated McLennon on the historic merger. He said that Lauderhill is now a better place with the addition of Coldwell Banker Splendor Realty.

“I commend and applaud you for your affiliation with Coldwell Banker. I’m pleased to have you here in the city of Lauderhill. Lauderhill is a better place because we’ve got Coldwell Banker Splendor Realty and we’re happy to have you,” he said.

For her part, Sharon McLennon said that she was grateful to be the first Black woman Coldwell Banker franchisee in Florida. She also called on Caribbean and African-Americans in South Florida to show more support for businesses within the community.

Coldwell Banker said its goal, through the partnership, is to build wealth for diverse communities in South Florida.  McLennon said she is confident that her association with the company will bring about change for the South Florida community.



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