Superintendent Runcie Changes Plans for Broward County Schools

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On Tuesday, the Broward School Board changed its original plans to give consideration to reopening school campuses in October, to do this later this month.

Last month, Broward County Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie announced the school year will begin on August 19, with remote learning only, in deference to the continued spread of COVID-19 in South Florida.

However, on Tuesday the Broward County School Board decided to review the matter of in-person classes every two weeks after August 19, instead of waiting until Oct. 1.

“What I’m going to ask is we remove the reference to October 1st and instead say, ‘We can provide a biweekly update to the board,’” said Broward School Board Chair Donna Korn.

“That [October 1] date scared a lot of people. We are going to need to promise we make data-driven decisions,” said Korn.

The key criterion for the opening of Broward schools is for the daily positive rate of COVID-19 infections to decline to 3 to 5 percent for a two-week period before schools reopen. For the past two weeks, the positivity rate in Broward has hovered between 9 to 10 percent.

“We want our kids in school as soon as possible,” said Runcie.

For some members, they couldn’t agree more as they are concerned students will leave the district all together.

“I don’t want to see people leaving us because of this. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t buy the mass exodus. If they are going to leave, they are going to leave. We are going to start school as early as we can,” said Runcie.


  1. Put cameras in the ESC classes I want to be able to see how safe my daughter is through out the day as far as social distancing and interaction with other kids.

  2. Our children should be safe in school it’s not a good idea to send them back to school at the rate of this pandemic Trump would not have sent his son to school neither you Mr Runcie so why do you want to kill our kids? We love our kids just as much as y’all love yours

  3. Anybody that wanna send their kids to school that’s they’re business , I’m praying for them to be safe in the name of the Holy Spirit and also me personally, I am not going to send mine until the rate of this thing is 0.00%. That’s just my choice, may God bless and protect us.

  4. Mr.Runcie,
    Do you realize that October starts flu season? Which means that this disease can pick back up all over again. You nor your president of the United States wouldn’t send your children back to school with this disease lurking. I’m a mother of an 8 year old that’s very compassionate and she’s a people person that will hug anyone. I’m also pregnant and I refuse to have this disease come home to me and my unborn child,I also refuse to be one of those mother’s that test positive and can’t see my newborn,or never see any of my children again
    You all saw what happened in Georgia,don’t make the same mistake that they made. Our kids may not matter to you all but they matter to us.

  5. My kid’s will not be attending school I withdrew them and they will be attending the online school why play Russian roulette with kid’s life I love my kids and pray for the kids that will be attending school it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  6. I’ll send my child when the Governor sends his cause he made a public statement saying he’s not sending his kids or grandkids

  7. Sorry Mr Runcie, we are not sending our kids to school for anything whatsoever. I am living the testimony of Nurssing homes and hospitals as a front lines nurse, enough is enough. We are not sending our kids to be killed. Our hearts won’t be able to handle the millions deaths that will be followed by the in person pandemic classrooms death. Please we beg you pardon.
    Thanks you for your understanding.
    We love you as well as we love our children.
    May Jehovah guide your thoughts and protect our kids!

  8. I’ll be damned if you think I’m going to send my children back into school so they can be carriers and bring home covid19 and kill my only living grandparents??? you have the whole world jacked up sir! Arrest me if you want. But my kids will not be exposed to this bull crap because y’all think it’s safe yet we are the melting pot of Covid 19??? Shame on you and all you jerks who think this is a great idea?

  9. 1 and 31 people in Broward county has Coronavirus. That’s just enough to put one in every classroom! Our schools need to show how much they’ve learned recently and educate through distance learning only! Dead children don’t learn a thing

  10. Those kids need to be in school! Half of y’all parents is only going to let them play video games during school hours anyway! Most of y’all parents can not comprehend their school work! Send those kids to school!!!!

  11. I will not send my children’s to school until the whole thing is over. They can stay home do the virtual, we have new technology now , teacher can be live with the kids and teach them for now until things slow down .

  12. Its not Mr. Runcie pushing for your children to rush back to school. He too wants a safe environment. The finger pointing, yelling, complaining, and urging of students to go back should be towards your governor (he doesn’t deserve his name capitalized) and your hopefully soon to be gone president. Most teachers care for their lives and their family’s lives just as much as anyone else. Talk to your friends that are fighting for their children to return too soon….I love my life too!

  13. The sad truth is that for those who choose to stay at home, while possibly a little safer (to be truly safe, no member of the family would be able to go outside the home ever because every time you do, whether for work, groceries, etc., you are risking yourself and your family’s lives the exact same way you are purporting the kids going to school is doing), the education will suffer. That is the real truth here. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. That is just fact.

    Regardless of how self-disciplined a child might be (which is rare), there are many unavoidable distractions at home. There is no way any child will get the same level of education as they would in person.

    This whole situation is just sad. Education is already lacking in the US as a whole and this will have lasting impacts on everyone.

    • Exactly! Schools should be considered an essential service, no different than grocery stores. The irony is that this puts the lower income people at a further disadvantage compared to those of us who can afford to have in-home tutors and other programs we’ll pay for out of pocket. My cousin, for example, who’s a doctor, will be sending her kids to private school so that they may continue to learn while she continues to work.

      I know COVID is a serious thing, but it’s also blown out of proportion by the media. Look at the numbers; they’re going down and lots of scientific studies have shown up to 80% of the population are asymptomatic. People lose sight of the fact that the shutdowns were all about flattening the curve to reduce transmission rates. To ensure hospitals have capacity.

      It seems to me the biggest reason people are against opening schools is the way the media and teachers union paints a picture that you’re sending kids to their death. It also doesn’t help that certain individuals in a certain party are behind the idea. Again, ironically, in this case they’re right. The problem is that these shutdowns are the reason Florida, California and Arizona are lagging states like NY. We all shut down during the outbreak, however those states which were already impacted (i.e. NY, CT, MA, NJ) are opening up because they’ve already gone through the worst of it. This has nothing to do with science or some governing better than others, the virus doesn’t take sides in politics.

      Make no mistake, the virus will run its course regardless of what we do, but in the meantime, we, our children and our economy will be paying for many years to come.

      • Are you an idiot? You are clearly a Trumpist, Claiming Educated, Professional Journalists as fake news and relying on fake news for your news. The positivity rate is around 10 percent. The death toll is the worse percentage of overall population in the WORLD. Testing doesn’t cause more DEATHS nor does it increase the cases. It does however confirm those that should be isolated, traced to all contact and they be tested and quarantined. Clearly – Bob, you believe your president and equally have no clue how this got out of control, how to bring under control, have no desire for the USA to be the shining light that saves the world. Vs being an embarrassment to the world performing worse than 3rd world nations. Kids will get the virus – they will not show symptoms – they will infect their family. Many more than the 170,000+ people will DIE (that is proportionate enough for you, BOB?

  14. My wife is a broward county 5th grade school teacher for the past 17 years. She wants to know how she’s going to keep 23 students in her small classroom six feet apart? She’s also in the high risk group with type 2 diabetes. I’m sure she’s not the only teacher in broward county with pre-existing health issues so what happens when all of those teachers get sick or worse?

    • Your wife needs a letter from her physcian stating that she cannot return to work until CDC and WHO guidelines are met.The Rehabilitation Acts added anyone with inderlying conditions has the right to ask for accomadations .This includes work8ng from home.

  15. Reopening schools will surely activate a domino effect for the transmission of the COVID 19. Shame in politicians who are willing to sacrifice the life of our children so that they can hold on to power. Insane and evil exchange.

  16. Well dead children cannot learn, sick children won’t learn so those who advocate sending the kids out send your kids but mine will be staying home learning at home until this pandemic is over. I don’t understand the reasoning in comparing running out to get groceries to having your child exposed for hours without parent supervision. Smh

  17. What both schools systems Broward and Miami Dade have all the school employees including administrators,office personnel,teachers, custodians,securities and teachers be tested how do we know they are OK and then when school starts they are going to blame the students and their families,they should show a recent negative to the schools,why should we trust them, because the unions said so

  18. If Mr. Runcie says remote learning
    that’s a problem. Alternate days, that’s a problem. Back to school, still a problem. People, make up your minds.

  19. I hope all of you blaming Superintendent Runcie for wanting to send our kids back to school realize it is not him. He has stated definitely that he did not want to send kids back to school. There is a group of entitled parents who dont want their kids home who have been putting pressure on the school board (the superintendents bosses) to have kids in school. He has to follow the directives of his bosses. Remember they are politicians who will not say what they believe in public but what they think their constituents want. They will also throw him under the bus if something goes wrong. Believe me, he doesn’t want kids in school especially after seeing the debacle in Oklahoma, Georgia and North Carolina. Blame those who are making the real decision- the Board Members!!

  20. What I don’t understand is the confusion of kids going back to school. People do your kids go to the grocery store with you? Do your kids go to restaurants with you? These are places that can’t have exposure as well. Parents(probably some of you who are against kids going back to school) are taking their kids to game rooms and water parks as well as theme parks. Parents are letting their kids enjoy life in all these ways but fighting against School opening, are the people who are engaging in these things trying to look there own kids. People Covid-19 is everywhere and no one is staying home completely isolating themselves so it’s around us EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE we go.

  21. The article SAYS he will start looking at the % rates every two weeks, as opposed to starting to look at them in October, to note drops in rates of infection between 3-5% and THEN decide if schools should reopen. He did NOT say he is going to open schools YET. He will not require students, teachers and staff to come in before that. That being said, attending school is a continual thing NOT like going shopping at target or going out for dinner, unless of course you go to target everyday, for 6 hours straight, Monday through Friday with 20 kids around you at all times??? Until we have real leadership, we will have to be smart and do the best for our own children, whatever that may be for each of us, individually. I wish everyone had better options or could stay home with their children, like I can. As a teacher and currently a stay at home mom, I understand both sides. I wish many more could do that and consider and respect each other’s personal situations in an adult manner.

  22. Nobody’s seeing from a child’s point of view . You guys don’t understand how hard it is for us kids to be doing this online stuff . Most kids either don’t join or failing class . They have opened schools in Georgia and there doing pretty good and they opened with a higher rate. We all have dealt with a lot of virus’s they out the year of life but we was able to push thru it . If everyone’s scared then we not going to be able to go back to the life we have . Rather we go back to school or not there’s still a chance of us getting COVID every single day . Plus COVID isn’t common in teens right now. I say open schools back up .


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