Palm Beach County launches challenge to end homeless youth

Palm Beach County fights homeless youth epidemic - Caribbean National Weekly News

The Palm Beach County Community Services Department Division of Human and Veteran Services is joining four other communities nationwide in launching a 100-Day Challenge to accelerate efforts to end youth homelessness.

Dramatic increase in youth homelessness

The number of Palm Beach County’s homeless youth has gone up dramatically in the past two years with the latest Point-in-Time Homeless Count, conducted in January 2017, indicating a 69 percent increase. Several factors contribute to youth homelessness including aging out of state care, parental addiction, sexual preference, and mental illness.

Finding housing for 140 youth

 The Division of Human and Veteran Services is working with community partners to establish ambitious goals to meet the challenge. The primary objective to accomplish in 100 days is to house approximately 140 unaccompanied youth and parenting youth between the ages of 18 and 24.

The 100-Day Challenge gives Palm Beach County the opportunity to refine and build upon previous accomplishments in helping homeless youth. With the support of the Rapid Results Institute, A Way Home America, and the department’s partner agencies, youth systems and housing opportunities can be quickly implemented. This will be done while continuing a coordinated response for helping homeless youth long after the challenge period has ended.

Rapid Results Institute will provide overall design of the 100-Day Challenge and is partnering with HomeBase to offer coaching support to communities during the 100-day journey.

Funding from HUD

Funding for the challenge was obtained from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and private philanthropic partners.


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